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Thilo Fischer (born 1987 in Germany) is an artist, dramaturg and curator who works with the media of video, photography, music, text and performance.

He explores the historical relationship between art, politics and the public sphere - oscillating between growth, disinterest and the respective desire for independence. In his works, he uses found footage and archive material and transforms them into new narratives. In their close interweaving, his artworks and exhibitions turn away from the documentary core of their origin and develop an independent artistic-researching way of speaking.

Fischer works in the fields of performance, film and visual arts. He collaborated with institutions such as the Gropius Bau in Berlin, Théatre du Châtelet in Paris and Burgtheater in Vienna and has organized numerous exhibitions and performances.

A persistent curiosity about the idea of onstage and offstage runs through his multifaceted work, which has its biographical starting point in his artistic beginnings, when he began working as a dramaturg at Frank Castorf's legendary Volksbühne theatre.

Fischer studied art and theatre history, film theory, philosophy, social and cultural anthropology and received an awarded master's degree from the University of Vienna (Austria).

He lives and works in Berlin.



International Association of Art (IAA)
since 2023


Fonds Darstellende Künste e.V.


Bundesverband Bildender Künstlerinnen

und Künstler (BBK)




Stiftung Kunstfonds e.V.



bundesverband bildender künstlerinnen und künstler berlin

since 2022


Galery Klempenow, Breest, DE
1 - 24 September - 2023

Speedtest 676
Galery Klempenow, Breest, DE
1 - 3 September - 2023

Raststätte 1km
Galery Klempenow, Breest, DE
30 July - 11 September - 2022

The Sun Machine Is Coming Down
ICC Berlin, DE
7 - 17 October - 2021

Everything Is Just for a While

Gropius Bau, Berlin, DE

28 May - 17 October - 2011


Performance mit Kampfjet und Operndiva
Nordkurier, Bodo Lubensky
4 September - 2023

Bert Neumann schöpfte seine Energie aus dem Alltag
Deutschlandfunk Kultur, Silke Hasselmann
30 September - 2022

The Sun Machine Is Coming Down
Arts of the Working Class
17 September - 2023

Everything Is Just for a While

Das Filter, Matti Hummelsiep

30 August - 2021

In Legendenhaft
Der Tagesspiegel, Patrick Wildermann
23 June - 2021

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