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Video installation

Video installation by Thilo Fischer

w/ David von der Stein

Sound Design: Max Heesen

1-channel video, hd, found footage

4:3 aspect ratio, stereo, 43’22’’, video loop

German, English, French

with German subtitles

Produced by Berliner Festspiele

with Gropius Bau Berlin

in cooperation with rbb, 3sat, Deutschlandfunk Kultur,


The 1-channel video installation "Channel One. Talking Heads" (2021) shows 70 years of lived conversation culture and conflict history in the city of Berlin (1951-2021), condensed into a 40-minute collage with high-calibre representatives from art and politics: from Willy Brandt to Judith Malina, from Allan Kaprow to Alfred Hitchcock, from Martin Luther King Jr. to Hildegard Knef, from Fela Kuti to Steffie Spira, from Angela Hampel to Udo Lindenberg.
What claim do they make on art? Should art only serve itself or rather the whole complex reality? What consequences does the construction of Berlin as a divided city have for art, culture and society? And what legacies of the Nazi era still characterise art, politics and society today?

"We observe a stream of thoughts and statements by very interesting women and men, showing how history moves through the minds of personalities as an incessant production of stories" - this is how Thomas Oberender, the artistic director of the Berliner Festspiele, describes it. In this film, one hears a speech arc of loud (predominantly male) greats. Udo Lindenberg mutters, "You can't leave anything to the politicians alone anyway, history teaches us that they screw up too much." Hildegard Knef smokes and takes a drag. The great Viennese artist Alfred Hrdlicka disparages the "know-it-alls" who sit in museums and art associations "like a spider in a web," waiting for stupid people to whom they can sell something as art."
Patrick Wildermann, Der Tagesspiegel, 6/23/2021

Exhibited at Gropius Bau Berlin

"Everything Is Just for a While"

28 Mai - 17 October 2021

Exhibited at ICC Berlin

"The Sun Machine Is Coming Down"

28 Mai - 17 October 2021

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