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Video installation

Video installation by Thilo Fischer

& David von der Stein

Sound: Max Heesen

16-channel video installation, sd, found footage, 4:3 aspect ratio, stereo, 11’35’’, video loop

Produced by Berliner Festspiele

with Gropius Bau Berlin

in cooperation with rbb, 3sat, Deutschlandfunk Kultur,


An eleven-minutes-television-storm over Berlin is created on sixteen screens. In a compilation of television reports from the years 1951 to 1987, a sharp sequence of sounds and images shows the observing, commenting, illustrating, abbreviating and lurid tone of public reporting on Berlin's art scene at the time. What becomes visible is a process of emancipation in the field of tension between foreign and cultural policy mandates, the American Allies, a national spirit of optimism and an infinite amount of art and culture that wanted to be shown and discussed again after 1945. Emancipation primarily through art itself: A turn towards political, activist, experimental and avant-garde art and the inclusion of cultural and artistic spectrums outside the Central European horizon becomes visible.

"A television ornament"

Stephanie Rosenthal, former Director of Gropius Bau Berlin

"The exhibition is a very interesting reflection on the city of Berlin and the zeitgeist. Looking at the three large video installations, it is not surprising that some of the excerpts are extremely condensed and breathless. Skillfully staged, the viewer remains focused."
Matti Hummelsiep, Das Filter, 30.8.2021

Exhibited at Gropius Bau Berlin

"Everything Is Just for a While"

28 Mai - 17 October 2021

Exhibited at ICC Berlin

"The Sun Machine Is Coming Down"

28 Mai - 17 October 2021

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