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Video installation

Video installation by Thilo Fischer

w/ David von der Stein

Sound Design: Max Heesen

3-channel video installation, hd, found footage, 12:3 aspect ratio, stereo, 264’

video loop

German, English, French, Russian

with German subtitles

Produced by Berliner Festspiele

with Gropius Bau Berlin

in cooperation with rbb, 3sat, Deutschlandfunk Kultur,


"Channel Three. Arts" shows a more than four-hour compilation of art presentations from seven decades of performance art history in the city of Berlin. It shows a selection of the greatest possible intransigence, obstinacy and craziness. The compilation includes previously unpublished material whose images and sound have been restored and digitised. In its three channels of sound and video, it overcomes the scepticism about the preservability of performance art from times long past and approaches the feeling that a live audience may once have experienced.

"A kaleidoscope of memories. There is an immense effort behind it: sifting through thousands of hours of footage from public and private archives and making a selection that is certainly not easy. For visitors who have experienced some of what is shown, it is a re-encounter and a memory.“

Gerhild Heyder, Welt, 6/30/2021

Exhibited at Gropius Bau Berlin

"Everything Is Just for a While"

28 Mai - 17 October 2021

Exhibited at ICC Berlin

"The Sun Machine Is Coming Down"

28 Mai - 17 October 2021

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