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Curated by Thilo Fischer

w/ Lenore Blievernicht, 2022

Exhibition at Klempenow Castle

30 July - 11 September 2022

Bert Neumann Association

with Kultur-Transit-96 e.V.

Funded by the BKM, the Bundesverband Soziokultur and NEUSTART KULTUR

The exhibition and performance programme "Raststätte 1km" was the first public exhibition of works by the artist and stage designer Bert Neumann (1960-2015) since his death. Located directly on the Tollense between the B96 federal road and the 20 motorway, the exhibition offered a tour of Klempenow Castle and its rooms steeped in history. The exhibition, curated by Lenore Blievernicht and Thilo Fischer, brought together stage design objects, costumes, prints, illuminated objects and readymades from the artistic estate and their theatre-historical contextualisation. Video and sound collages also provided insights into previously unpublished material by the artist from the years 1995 to 2005.
Bert Neumann, whose oeuvre comprises more than 230 works for theatre, film and opera, discovered the Tollensetal with his family in 1995. From then on, his new adopted home on the Mecklenburg Lake District was both a departure and a retreat for him. The interplay between nature and work influenced many of his projects, such as the stage set The Brothers Karamazov, parts of which were on display in the exhibition.
The aim of the project was to present the performing arts and the exploration of them at a low-threshold yet professional level in the rural region and to inspire people of all ages with an attractive, free educational programme. The programme included the re-enactment of the

On 30 July, the exhibition was opened with a concert by the band Goshawk. On 8 and 9 August, the Hollywood Klub Klempenow took place, a free stage design workshop for children and young people, supported by the German Foundation for Volunteering and Engagement.


Photo Credits: BNA

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