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Curated by Thilo Fischer

w/ Lenore Blievernicht

Performance: Maryna Zubko


Installation and performance

with fighter jet made of wood

and aluminium by Bert Neumann

360° sound system

2 ground fog machines

In "Speedtest 676", Bert Neumann's (1960-2015) fighter jet from the performance "Cavalcade or Being a Holy Motor" (2013) meets Vincenzo Bellini's anti-war aria "Casta Diva" from the tragic opera Norma as part of a three-day performance loop. The work traces the public debates about the war in Ukraine back to the practical power of the destructive principles of explosion, supersonic acceleration (676 kN) and the death-dealing will to destroy. They resist the seductive and deceptive longing for simple truths, quick results and oracular leading figures from the old days, which are unfortunately also being longed for again politically in some places.

Premiered at Klempenow Castle

1-3 September 2023

Produced by Bert Neumann Association

Funded by Fonds Darstellende Künste e.V. and Kultur-Transit-96 e.V.

Picture Credit: Burgtheater Wien / BNA

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