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Video by Thilo Fischer

1-channel video, sd, found footage, 4:3 aspect ratio, mono, 60’49’'

German, French with German Subtitles

Produced by Berliner Festspiele

In the 2021 film "Zirkus, Circus, Cirque" we encounter a colorful international circus scene of the late 1970s in Berlin; including, among others, Cirque Gruess from France, Circus Barum from Germany, the Swiss clown Dimitri and the unique circus performances of the group Neue Musik Berlin. The program concludes with recordings of the "Varieté Varieté" of the Tübingen Zimmertheater, directed by Helfried Foron and based on plans and sketches by Oskar Schlemmer.
In addition, questions of animal husbandry and circus management are highlighted and the long tradition of the circus is discussed.

Premiered at

"The Sun Machine Is Coming Down"

by Berliner Festspiele

ICC Berlin

7 - 17 October 2021

Cinema 3

Photo Credits: Berliner Festspiele / RBB

/ Thilo Fischer

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